How to Register


To register for the National ADF Family Health Program, the ADF member must complete the WebForm ‘AD858-1 ADF Family Health’ which is available via the Defence WebForms system. A PDF version is available at the link below.


AD858-1 (For Mobile/Tablet)

If you are experiencing difficulty viewing the form please download and save to your computer.

Completed forms can be sent to:

ADF Family Health Program
Department of Defence
CP2-7-163 PO Box 7911

Fax: 02 6266 4292

Registration of Newborns

If you register your newborn within 3 months of their birthdate, we will backdate their eligibility to their birthdate. This will allow time for you to receive their birth certificates and have them added to your dependant/beneficiary section of PMKeyS. Once your baby has been added to PMKeyS simply submit an AD858-1 to add them to your ADF Family Health membership.

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