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Website Security Incident

This notice is to inform families of a security weakness that was identified on the ADF Family Health website that is managed by Navy Health.

The security weakness does not relate to the Online Members Services portal that contains important information such as bank and claim details is a separate system and has always been extremely secure.

Navy Health discovered that the ADF Family Health website was functioning without an SSL certificate. This means that contact information, such as your address, that was sent via the ‘Change of Details’ link on the website may have been vulnerable to interception by an unauthorised third party. Please note after thorough investigation there is no evidence of any such incident occurring.

When the issue was identified Navy Health immediately secured the website with an SSL certificate. Navy Health have temporarily removed the ‘Change of Details’ link from the website and are currently working with our new website provider to recreate this function. Families should soon be able to easily and securely update their contact details via the website.

Navy Health apologises unreservedly for any distress this may cause families of the Program and we would like to reiterate, we have no evidence that any data interception has occurred.

If you would like to discuss this issue, please contact Navy Health on 1300 561 454.

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